Obtain your driver profile easily using your smartphone!

Basic requirements:

Driving Styles is a novel project whose aim is to assess your driving style. Its basic requirements are:

      1. Installing our Driving Styles application in an Android smarphone
      2. Buying an ELM327 Bluetooth adapter (on-board OBD-II interfaces are mandatory on all vehicles since 2002)

Data acquisition procedure:

After installing the Android application on the mobile device, you must connect to the bluetooth ELM327 in the car; the latter procedure requires pairing the two devices (smartphone and ELM327 device) to begin data acquisition. Inside the DrivingStyles application, be sure to selected the paired ELM327 device as the data source.

Storing your routes:

One the application is properly configured, you can start recording your routes. Once the route is completed and saved in the device, the user can select which routes are sent to the server; the latter checks the username and password to accept incoming traces.

Analysing your behaviour:

Using this website, the user can view all the routes sent to the server, access to the graphs and maps of the route, as well as learn about his/her driving style, obtaining hints on how to achieve eco-driving.



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